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D’Tail Products Baja is a mexican company dedicated to the manufacture of a complete line of products for cars, carwash, detailed, bodywork and paint workshop, car sales and rent, carriers, mechanical and industrial workshops, etc.

D’Tail is a trademark. We are located in Ensenada, Baja California, México. Ensenada’s port city is at roughly 89 miles from south of San Diego, California at the coast of Baja California, México.

D’Tail Products Baja Company started in 1993. We manufacture our product line and sell to the public at factory prices: wholesale, semi-wholesale and retail.

Because our proximity with United States, and their abundance in raw materials which are easily available, we are in condition to secure all our supply need of raw materials for all our production capacity. We have a wide range of accessories to use our products.


Our product line includes:

• Water, solvent and acid based cleaners.

• Biodegradable cleaners.

• Carpet, bodywork and clothes shampoo, as well as dishes and hand soap.

• Industrial hand cleaners

• Paste waxes for hand or machine application.

• Teflon-based liquid wax in sray, and sealing wax in spray.

• Polisher with or without wax for application with buffer

• Compound polishers without wax for application with buffer.

• Glass cleaners

• Leather cream cleaners with protector.

• Fresheners with 18 different scents

• Special Cleaners.

• Odor Eliminators.

• Products of special design from a customer request.

• Home products.

Car detailed and cleaning: a business with future.

Car detailed and cleaning is a successful business today and for the future of our working field. The growing automobile industry brings a substantial opportunity for developing, not only in mechanical repairs and spare parts, but with detailed and cleaning too. The automobile industry needs to keep their units for sale as presentable as possible. It is the same with companies that are in car rental business. These two are the big sectors in the automobile market that will benefit from our products. At the same time, this is an opportunity to begin a great business with guaranteed future.

Home, Hotels and Restaurant Cleaning.

Our products are safe to use, non-toxic, and of high quality. They can be used for home cleaning and for public environments, like hotels and restaurants.




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