Water-Based Armor All Type Products


A protectant polish with a natural sheen. It’s great for tires, rubber, and vinyl panels & doors. Protect, beautify and restore your investment! For best results: apply by spray or with sponge; leave the product surface wet and allow it to dry naturally. It contains a pleasant cherry-strawberry scent. It does not attract dust.


This formulation is a concentrated, white cherry-scented, high gloss, universal protectant -- used for tires, vinyl, rubber, dashboards and doors. As it is concentrated, for best results dilute with water by 30%. It can be applied by hand or spray.


This formulation is a universal protectant dressing for indoor and outdoor use. It’s great for tires, rubber & vinyl surfaces, panels and doors. It contains a special blend and high amount of protective and emollient ingredients designed to create a superior shine. For best results: spray liquid on the surface and allow the product to dry naturally.

Teflon-Based Armor All Type Products


It is a universal sealant protectant fortified with Teflon and silicone to give maximum protection. It's pink-colored & bubblegum-scented. This formulation contains the highest quality silicones and emollients that maximize protection and shine. Used for tires, vinyl, rubber, dashboards, leather and doors. For best results: spray the surface with a thin layer. It is designed to revitalize rubber bumpers, moldings and side mirrors. This product produces a lasting & waterproof shine.


This formulation is a yellow-colored & banana-scented, concentrated protectant. It contains different types of the highest quality silicones, emollients and Teflon for a smooth application and long-lasting shine. It can be applied by hand or diluted with water to 50% for use with a spray bottle. Our product has outstanding surface penetration. It revitalizes and protects rubber bumpers, moldings, side mirrors and fine wood surfaces.

Solvent-Based Armor All Type Products


This formulation is a blue-colored protectant with a pleasant citrus scent. Made with oil and solvents, it has a brilliant sheen when applied on a black surface. It provides a natural glow when used on very hard surfaces like plastics, vinyl bumpers, trim and tires in new or in good condition. It is an outstanding performer. For best results: use a spray and sponge, then let the product dry naturally. It dries quickly and leaves no marks or scratches on the surface. It is used to rejuvenate trims and frames of sun-damaged vehicles. It beautifies nonporous surfaces and is water resistant.

Tire Gel


This formulation is a light green-colored water-based conditioning protectant. For use on rubber tires. It is high quality and very thick. For best results, dilute with water. This product results in a liquid black appearance. It is dust resistant. It does not contain silicone.

Shampoo for Vehicles


It is a thick red solution with a pleasant cherry scent. It is highly concentrated. It produces stable, dense foam and washes/waxes simultaneously. It is a product that resists water marks, leaving a freshly waxed appearance that provides extra protection and is water repellent. Since a small amount is used, one container yields many washes/waxes.


It is a pink viscous liquid with a pleasant lemon scent. It is a highly concentrated product that produces long-lasting foam. It is designed for use on trucks, trailers, RVs, motorcycles and boats. It is an extremely efficient shampoo that will not harm the paint and rinses off easily without leaving water spots. It is for the customer who wants to use a shampoo only to wash for the body, carpets and upholstery.



A non-caustic versatile degreaser. It is designed for use inside and outside of a vehicle. It is also used for washing carpets, upholstery, Landau roofs and wheels. It is an excellent product for upholstery and carpet stains.


Designed for cleaning grease stains and brake dust on wheels and tires. It acts quickly and specifically targets the worst buildup while dissolving grease and grime with ease. Contains ingredients that allow easy rinsing. Other uses include cleaning lightly soiled carpets as well as cleaning rubber surfaces.


This product is formulated for heavy duty degreasing. It is a highly effective cleaner for interiors. It can also be used as an automobile engine cleaner-degreaser. It is safe to use on aluminum engines. It cleans wheels, tires, rugs, carpets and upholstery. It has low to medium caustic and alkaline content. It will not stain surfaces.


This is a highly alkaline and caustic formulation. It creates rich foam that is very effective for cleaning soiled engines and steel-metal chassis. It is a short duration and fast acting emulsifier that is effective for cleaning concrete floors and ferrous surfaces. Not recommended for use in aluminum engines or other aluminum surfaces.


This is a professional strength cleaner. The abundant foam lifts and removes dirt and oil and rinses clean. It is a fast acting, medium caustic cleaner that works well on most surfaces as well as chrome. For aluminum and clear coat surfaces, dilute the product and use with caution.

Liquid Wax for Spray Application


This liquid car spray wax is formulated for use on paint, chrome & aluminum surfaces. Just apply “Show Room Shine” spray on the surface and polish using a dry microfiber towel. While it can be used on wet or dry surfaces, for best results: wash the car with shampoo, rinse and apply “Show Room Shine” on the wet surface and dry with microfiber towel. Repels dust and fingerprints. For use on all types and ages of automotive paint. Another form of application is to spray the product on a damp towel and wipe clean the surface.


“Liquid Spray Wax” gives great protection and gloss. This formulation contains Teflon and carnauba for added protection and better performance. Its primary use is for maintaining the shine in newer paint jobs. Easy to use, for best results: spray it on dry or wet paint, then wipe with a microfiber towel.

Solvent Based Cleaners


It is a tar remover as well as asphalt & road organic waste stuck on the paint. It is only formulated for external surfaces. However, it can be used on all painted surfaces. It is a special blend of several solvents of varying strengths.


This product is designed to remove tar, gum, stickers and organic stains on upholstery, carpets and cars. It is excellent for removing glue on recent graffiti application.

Acid Based Cleaners


This acid-based formulation produces a lot of foam -- facilitating quick cleaning of surface contaminants. It rapidly cleans aluminum & polished aluminum rims, wire-spoke wheels, magnesium and chrome parts. It provides a brilliant shine to chrome and aluminum products.

Air Fresheners


Our formulations are highly concentrated fragrances made from water-soluble and refreshing oils. Optimally designed for use in sprayer bottles, spray under the seats of the car, on the mats, trash cans, rugs and behind doors for a longer lasting scent. Our product does not stain. We have a variety of fragrances. CHERRY, BUBBLE GUM, PIÑA, COLADA, BABY POWDER, MALODOR, VAINILLA, COCONUT, ODOR ELIMINATOR, STRAWBERRY, WATER MELON (SANDÍA), NEW CAR, BOUQUET, COCO VAINILLA, DURAZNO, BANANA DULCE, MANZANA VERDE, MANZANA CANELA, CANELA-CINNAMON, LEATHER, BLACK ICE, TROPICAL FRUIT, VAINILLA CHERRY, VAINILLA CANELA, VAINILLA FRESA, DRAKKAR, EUCALYPTUS

Glass Cleaners


This formulation is made from lemon oil and is specially designed to remove nicotine stains and grease from windows. It will not leave streaks or spots on surfaces. It does not contain ammonia and dries quickly.


It cleans, seals and leaves a protective shield over the automobile exterior and interior glass and mirrors. It protects against rain, sleet, dew, snow, ice, dust buildup, bug splats, and bird droppings. It will greatly enhance driving visibility. It will leave a high gloss on your windshield, glass and mirrors.

Hand Application Waxes


This light-bodied and specially formulated liquid wax that is fast-drying. It is designed to remove organic road grime including: tar, grease and insects. It is also very effective in cleaning and polishing car glass. Our product contains carnauba and protectants against ultraviolet rays. Easy to apply, can be used without any problems in the sun, shade or in a stiff breeze. It works great in hot or cold climates. It is an easy to apply and easy to remove formulation.


Our concentrated wax formula is made of high quality carnauba wax and paraffin. It contains banana extract and a special blend of silicone emulsions. It is for use with automotive paint finish in good condition. It covers scratches and provides long-lasting protection and a brilliant shine.


This is a specially formulated combination of liquid and carnauba waxes. It is designed for professional results in all weather conditions. Easy to apply and remove, it leaves a clean surface with an exceptional shine. It is the best product to remove buffer marks and stains and should be applied by hand. It is a cleaner wax that protects and polishes the surface after using a buffer.

Hand or Buffer Application Polishes with Wax


This is formulated as an ultra-fine hand applied wax and polish. Can be applied by hand or buffer. It is for light work on clear coated paints. It can be used with a low speed buffer using foam or wool pads. Works well for removing light scratches and towel scratches. Dual function of waxing and polishing the surface at the same time without staining. It also removes buffer marks and will not leave dust. It leaves a high and deep penetrating gloss. Does not stain black, green, blue or red painted surfaces. It contains a pleasant coconut scent, and also contains emulsions that make it easy to apply and remove in the sun.

Scratch Remover


It is formulated as a fine to light polishing compound for buffer use. Works well with wool or foam pads. Designed to be used to remove scratches caused by wet sand paper #1500 and #2000. Our product will not stain the paint and will prepare the surface for one of our great waxes. It is recommended for use on light and dark paint finishes. While it removes medium oxidation and scratches, it restores the original paint finish. This product contains no wax or silicone.

Buffer Application Polishes and Compounds


This formulation is a very thin and lightweight micro fine polish. It is designed to remove very thin scratches produced by wet sand paper #2000 micro-fine or finer. This product repairs imperfections in clear coatings. It is designed for use with a low speed buffer. It can be used to remove swirls left by a wool sponge. For best results, use in a dry heat to allow you more polishing time. This product contains mineral oils and emulsifying carnauba wax. It contains no silicone.


This formulation is used to remove wet sanding scratches produced by micro-fine #1000. It helps remove swirl marks and blemishes in the paint finish. This product is extremely effective for restoring clear coats, conventional paints, silver and oxidized metallic paints. The formula contains medium to fine abrasives to clean the paint. It can be used to remove sponge or wool swirls with good results. It contains no wax or silicone.


This formulation is used to remove sanding scratches produced by micro-fine wet sandpaper #1000 to #1200. It is extremely effective in restoring clear coats and conventional paints. This product removes irregularities in paints, and removes swirl marks and blemishes in the finish produced by a buffer. It is recommended to use a wool pad while using buffer on conventional paints, metallic paints, silver paints, dull paints and to remove rust.




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