We know how to solve your needs

We are professionals and experts in the manufacturing of maintenance and care products for vehicles and habitational areas. If you need a specific product, we can create it for you!

Get in touch with us and ask about, we are sure we can create the perfect product that adjusts to all your needs!

Of all colors and flavors

A lot of our products are enriched with nice aromas, pretty colors, and many other interesting properties. We can create the product you are looking for!

Let the experts to show you how it’s done

While almost all our products are very easy to use, some of them need a certain technique to get its maximum effectiveness. From rookies to veterans, come and consult us about the “know how” of our products. We will tell you all you need to know: what are they for, how to use them, the order in which you have to use their combined power, the technique used to apply them and get their maximum effect. You yourself will become the expert!

Be sure to check our Facebook page where wi will continuosly publish image galleries showing the use and results of our products.

Here and at the other side too

In D’Tail Producs de Baja we are at your service, no matter if you live in México or United States. Give us a call now!

“Why does my car look like that?”

The paint is stained? Your leather seats lost that nice shine? The wheels look dull? You already did everything and the problem is not fixed? Come with us and let our experts take a look at it so they can identify the problem and tell you how to solve it.




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